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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Lavu Tech provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning product development services and augments capabilities to build advanced products and services for the next generation companies and help them to succeed in competitive markets. Our AI chatbot application will be of great use for companies to immediately attend to customer queries.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Lavu Tech enables organizations to access various types of historical and current data with itsBI Tools. Organizations can use the insights gained from business intelligence and data analysis to improve business decisions and identify pain points. Our BI Tools presents the results to the users in the form of reports, charts and can extract insights from raw data directly using Hadoop.

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IoT Integration and LORAWAN

Lavu Techs IoT Integration platform can quickly and easily integrate your systems and processes with IoT devices by connecting with our IOT gateway integration hub which is a secured service. Easy to connect and network virtually any industrial system or embedded device. Our Web-based monitoring and control system enables devices to be tracked from anywhere and network with remote equipment.

Build critical solutions that can analyze images, make predictions using insights and data, comprehend speech. Add AI capabilities to your apps without machine learning expertise. We can quickly build, train, deploy and manage Machine  Learning models that suit your Business.

We work with Python-based machine learning tools with automated machine learning and deployment capabilities. Optimize and accelerate ML training models faster using automated tools. Easily deploy at scale for any organizational requirement.

Build your AI and ML based project with us and Grow your Business.